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All flower producing cannabis plants are female – the pistil is the reproductive organ essential to the genesis of every bud. Our goal is to encourage women from all walks of like to explore and enjoy the benefits of premium cannabis.

We believe that educating and investing in the success of women are the keys to a budding future, and that’s what you can expect from us. Elevating and enlightening women is the essence of Pistil Janes.

Jane has three types of flower: The Empress, The Goddess and the Temptress. Empress inspired flower is most effective in the morning and early afternoon. Expect a sativa-dominant, terpene rich Michigan grown flower. The Goddess inspired flower is most effective any time – day or night. Expect a smooth hybrid strain, rich in terpenes and perfectly balanced. The Temptress flower is intended for evening use. Expect indica dominant strains, packed with exotic terpene profiles.

Jane didn’t want to launch with just any old pre-roll, so she infused hers with Full Melt Bubble Hash. These 1g cones come in your favorite flower types: The Empress, The Goddess and The Temptress. Expect elevated effects, a smooth burn and a terp-forward taste every time.

Social Equity

Partnering with women focused, Michigan based organizations is a cornerstone of the Pistil Janes Brand.

Our mission is to help normalize and destigmatize the many wonders of cannabis, while empowering women through volunteer efforts, hygiene product drop-boxes, and quarterly donations. We are always looking for different ways to help the people in our community who support us, because we believe that flower empowers.

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